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$65.00  / Bottle
$780.00  / Case
This vintage of Les Pierres is full of complex flavors. Aromas of lime, grapefruit and lemon are mixed with the familiar, flinty, mineral notes that are a defining characteristic of our Les Pierres Vineyard. These are accented with hints of caramel, fresh cream, nutmeg and honey. The citrus flavors of grapefruit, lemonade and lime are accented with the Les Pierres classic minerality, caramelized oak, and spice that nicely balance the citrus flavors. Our careful approach to oak aging and fermentation creates a round, full mouth feel with Sonoma-Cutrer’s signature bright, lively, acidity and a long lingering finish of nice barrel spice.

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Fruit aromas of green apple, lime and pineapple are complemented with touches of nougat, caramel and Sonoma-Cutrer’s signature minerality. True to the Russian River Ranches style, the wine is elegant and balanced with a nice, bright acidity. Crisp and zesty flavors of lime, lemon drop and grapefruit are accented with peach notes and a nice barrel spice. A light, creamy mid-palate flows to a crisp, citrus acidity for a long, lingering after palate.

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